Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Golden Age Messages from the Masters: Co-Creating As Your Presence Part 2

Your beloved God Presence in concert with those of us in the Ascended Realms are now assisting you more than ever to remember who you truly are so you can fulfill your chosen part in implementing the Divine Crystalline Blueprint for yourself and your world. Living in concert with these Blueprints means living in Unity Consciousness and Divine Love with life and being available to consciously co-create your new Golden Age of Freedom.
~ The Ascended Masters within the Councils of Shamballa
We are here at this pivotal crossroads for humanity to assist you in successfully reclaiming your Divine powers to receive guidance and co-create with your Presence and the Masters from the unlimited realms of freedom the life you have come to live in joy and ease. It is time to move beyond any feelings of unworthiness, doubt or disappointment based on past unfilled expectations. We suggest that you maintain a steady state of gratitude for all that is taking place in each unfolding moment so you can consciously create what is needed and wanted.
Release any need to project into your future based on fear or the idea that happiness or a sense of fulfillment will only come after your desires are met, so you are free to spontaneously co-create with your Presence in Divine Love. All that you need will then naturally be attracted and manifested through you and your new Golden Age can be created with great joy, ease and harmony. Remain steadfast in your faith that there is a Divine Plan that is constantly unfolding and your ascension into Unity Consciousness and living in Oneness as a people and as a planet are inevitable.
Your Presence always holds the blueprint for your greatest life as well as your part in manifesting the Divine Plan for humanity, yet the mind of your ego in its present state of development does not have this awareness. Those of us in the ascended realms are wholly committed to your enlightenment and to the successful unfolding of your new Golden Age. What the Creator has ordained with your Presence and through your Presence will come into being, so no matter what may appear to be preventing this from taking place, it will not succeed.
You can aid in being a co-creator by first recognizing, and then dedicating yourself to breaking free of all duality, fear-based thinking and feeling. This will continue to bring about changes that are already creating a dimensional shift in your consciousness while putting an end to the ages-old separation myth. As you continue to break any links you may have to the old paradigms, you are simultaneously making space in your consciousness to receive the creative energies you need to manifest your greatest life and bring in a new Golden Age of Freedom.
At present, the old world is still sitting along side the new world and you are being invited to be the bridge between these worlds so your crossover into the 5th dimension is successful. Many paths are coming together so Divine Love can triumph and there can be a final healing between all people who thought they were at odds with one another. This is allowing groups of souls to spiritually progress together, particularly if they are at a similar stage of evolution. You may have very strong bonds with your family members and other people who have been important to you in this life, yet we encourage you during this cycle to always follow your Presence and the calling of your own heart. However, this does not mean that you must create alone since it is much more effective and far-reaching when you co-create in Council with your Presence and those of us in the unlimited realms of freedom.
In the ascended worlds we create most everything in Councils that are dedicated to expanding the Love and Light of God within the hearts of all souls throughout the cosmos. When you come together in Councils of Light with us, you also have the power to create whatever is required for your well being and you also have the power to co-create a new Golden Age.

To assist you in receiving our guidance and co-creating in Council with us and manifesting your Divine Life Plan for these pivotal times, Conscious Co-Creation with the Masters has been created. We invite you to participate.

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