Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The New Network for Entrepreneurs


Neurs is a global business start-up consulting firm that connects and empowers entrepreneurs worldwide that will provide training, connections, and capital resources that entrepreneurs need to find, build, and profit from their ventures. Many problems that we face (as entrepreneurs and those who provide services/opportunities) will be solved.

Neurs has been in development for nearly 3 years, preparing to launch in March/April, 2014.

Neurs will have some of the features as sites like LinkedIn, but created specifically for entrepreneurs and those who provide services or opportunities to entrepreneurs (CPA, attorney's, life coaches, business coaches, programmers, designers, business plan writers, authors, franchises, home businesses, etc.). These companies will generate leads (local, national, International) of people seeking their services.

Neurs is creating the largest database of business opportunities and providers in the world. One of many features is a "business opportunity match-making algorithm" that will match entrepreneurs with local, national, and global business opportunities based on their skills, talents, wants, needs, and capital resources.

The Neurs global affiliate program is currently in beta. (Note: this is not network marketing, mlm, or direct sales. Neurs offers a free affiliate program.)

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