Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Activate your shamanic consciousness & live a sacred life

Access potent ancient wisdom to live your modern life in a state of greater connection, wholeness, and vitality. Experience a soul nourishing encounter with the fascinating world of Universal Shamanism.

Traditional shamans can often seem pretty "far out," with shape-shifting practices, whispered healing chants, miraculous stories, and sometimes perplexing rituals. 

And yet there is something remarkably simple and valuable at their core, which is the kind of medicine we now need. 

That is their ability to connect with ALL of reality and learn from it -- the plants, the birds, the animals, and even rocks. Shamans develop the ability to live in a vibrant, pulsing, living universe, and see allies and teachers all around us. 

This shamanic consciousness connects us to seeing the sacred in ALL things and living in a reverential way. And that, in turn, generates, wisdom, love and harmony -- the kind of culture that we all aim to co-create. 
Shamans of every ancient culture have opened the portals to a deeper wisdom that resides in each moment. This wisdom helps us to connect intimately with both Earth and Sky, bridge inner and outer worlds, and expand our capacity to heal. By learning to nurture this deeper awareness of interdependence with the great sacred web of life, we become masters of the present moment, standing strong in heart and vision and able to meet each situation with confidence and resolve.
In the Andean shamanic traditions, the Puma symbolizes the power of an awakened Higher Mind to transform current situations, opening new possibilities for living with expanded presence and healing grace in the world.
During this free live event, one of the world’s foremost teachers of Universal Shamanism, don Oscar Miro-Quesada, will share profound spiritual insights into how you can embody the transformational “medicine” of the Puma and live in balance, harmony and reverence upon Mother Earth.
During this special call event, you’ll learn:
  • How seeking shamanic wisdom leads to self-discovery.
  • Universal shamanic teachings on how consciousness structures matter and language molds reality.
  • To develop inner vision through the awakening of your Higher Mind.
  • What it means to call upon the Puma as a power animal in your life.
Join us for a special event with a truly beautiful man:

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