Monday, 19 May 2014

Transform your world ~ and the world around you!

Co-Create As Your Presence in Unity Consciousness on the Personal, Local, National and Global Levels 
Come to a magnificent, private 10-acre oceanfront estate surrounded by the peace and beauty of nature on the beautiful island of Maui to co-create new ways of being and living that will seed the transformation of the world.

We are calling all wayshowers, teachers and leaders to come together in council with the Ascended Masters of Shamballa to co-create a unified grid of consciousness that will serve as a global template for establishing Golden Age Councils and Communities around the world.
This is a reunion of souls who know they are here to be part of transforming the world into a new paradigm that honors and supports everyone to live in peace, harmony, prosperity and freedom.
Masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia:  
"Your next Golden Age will be the result of a collaborative choice made by those who each have the desire to create and support whatever is needed to live Presence-to-Presence. We are calling all souls who truly want to be part of initiating Presence-to-Presence relationships wherever you go. This way of living will support the spiritual values that are encoded within the heart of every soul so their gifts and talents can become an essential part of your new Golden Age of Freedom."
This is a call to action to all students and teachers of the Ascended Masters Mystery School inviting you to come together for a reunion in Maui. In this glorious gathering, you will be inspired by the Masters to be who you came to be and to do what you came to do on the personal, local, national and global levels.
You are being given this extraordinary opportunity so you can be a living example of co-creating and living as your God Presence on Earth. This is the opportunity of many lifetimes and one you have been waiting for throughout the centuries.
As enough people become aware of their true inheritance as Divine human beings who have a definite purpose for being on the Earth at this auspicious time, then all of the changes that need to take place around the world will powerfully unfold so humanity can victoriously ascend into Unity Consciousness.
This will take place when enough of you are truly willing to accept that you are the Presence of God embodied and you are here to assist in making profound shifts in the world and in the overall consciousness of humanity. This is why knowing who you are and knowing your purpose in being here at this time is so vital to all of life. 
This reunion will give you an opportunity to practice living in Unity Consciousness with like-minded and like-hearted souls as well as an opportunity to co-create with others as your Presence. You can use all you know and all you have learned in the courses as well as all the mastery you have accrued from your own experiences as your gift to those who will be at this reunion and to those who will be joining us from around the world.
This is an interactive conference. You will be co-creating in ways you have not created since the last Golden Age of Atlantis. You will be co-creating the foundations for a new world on the personal, local, national and global levels of humanity by initiating templates to sustain a new Golden Age.
You will be co-creating with your Presence on the spiritual dimensions with the Ascended Masters and taking into account the smallest life forms to the largest.  You will learn to co-create in full Unity Consciousness on every level, such as personal dynamics, relationships, business, education, government, media, the arts, architecture, new safe technologies, and new economics.
You will learn how to:
* See behind the curtain of the ego personality self that has been running the show.
* Move beyond what has kept you from embodying your true purpose in life so you can move forward in a big way.
* Identify and transmute any fears of stepping into a larger arena so those fears can then be transformed into strengths that can then assist you in co-creating within a Council.
* Learn how to put your strengths into your service.
* Identify and walk into what you have come to do.
* See only the Presence in every action and every life form and every exchange.
* Be the Presence of God in human form.
* Attract only the Presence in everything and everyone so life becomes joyous.

* Bring the Presence of God into all your creations on every level—personal, local, national and internationally. 
You are being invited to be conscious co-creators of the next Golden Age ~ to be true co-creators with God! As you accept this and know that it is part of your destiny, you will experience an awakening within the whole of your being and you will find that you have been a sleeping giant. You have been asleep to the Presence of God that you truly are. You now can live as you have never lived in the world before ~ as the Presence of God in a body.
This is what you can expect: 
* Come into a unified field with each one’s Presence to create a Council.
* Clarify, share, and receive support for your Divine Purpose and Service in the world according to your Presence and your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times. 

Participate in individual Councils based on your common interests.

* Discover how you can implement your unique gift of service in the world.
* Expand your outreach in the world.
* Establish ongoing communication groups that come together by teleconference twice a month
* Focus on what can be done to establish Unity Consciousness and living as the Presence in your local communities.
As we assist others to live as the Presence by being a living example, Unity Consciousness will be established around the world.
We will be seeding levels of creation that will shift the mass consciousness of humanity into its ascended state to co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom. We will be collaborating throughout this reunion with the Overlighting Presence of Humanity that holds the template for the new world. This is the consciousness that is magnetizing humanity into its highest potential to live on Earth as the fully embodied Presence.
Long ago you agreed to create this crystalline matrix, which will be the template for the new Golden Age. It is how you will be communicating, co-creating Presence to Presence, listening outside of your ordinary listening through every cell of your being so you can know and recognize truth for you and you will know exactly what you are here to do, so there is no doubt of your place in the Council and within this crystalline matrix. These are not choices that are being made now; these are choices that were made long ago.
The template of freedom will be expanded of how you can live here on earth, not in some distance future, but here and now, without the suppressions that have been set into motion by so many of the organizations around your world.  Freedom is an inside job.  It will not be an outside reality until it becomes an inside activation.  YOU are the template, you are the holders; you are the points of light that are making up the Template or grid of Freedom. The Templars set the Template of Freedom into motion. You are the continuation. And many of you were the Templars—the knights and the mates of the knights. This is just one facet of what has led you to this now moment in coming together to be the holders of this great crystalline template for humanity that will sustain unity consciousness within the hearts and minds of humanity.
During this event, the great crystalline goblet used at the Last Supper that holds the 2,000 plus years of Christ or Unity consciousness will be poured by Christ into the chalice of the heart of everyone in Council and each person listening, so you can each be aligned with the essence of your own inner Christ. This has nothing to do with Christianity, yet it has everything to do with your being a master walking the Earth in this present time.
You will learn how to:
* Eliminate anything that would keep you separate from walking as the unlimited master that you are or expressing yourself as the Presence.
* Discover the great healing force and how to use it.
* Operate from the expanded heart of your Presence so everything you think, feel, say or do comes out of the love that has the power to initiate and expand unity consciousness on earth.
* Speak in harmony with your Divine crystalline blueprint and call that forth from the Presence of another so both are speaking from your own blueprint in true co-creation. 
* Live in ecstatic union with all of life.
* Discover the freedom that comes from living as your ascended Presence.
* Establish the core of our collective Heart Matrix and send it forth into the ascension grid of humanity so it can go into the personal, local, national and global levels of humanity. This heart matrix is what will create the ascension. This will be a major focus of the Council.
As a Council, you will create a written declaration that will help to seed an international agreement of cooperation that can lead to unity consciousness on the global level. This can then be sent to the leaders of every nation, every tribe, including all the indigenous peoples and the grandmothers. This can be a proposal sent to anyone that has a huge influence in the world.
By the end of our four days together, the Presence will be in every part of your being and every sphere of your human expression, so you are reflecting the Presence of God on Earth.
You are being invited to be an awakener and a transformer of humanity and to Co-Create As Your Presence in Unity Consciousness on the Personal, Local, National and Global levels. 

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